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1. OSpeedy Video Converter Online Help
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System Requirements
2. Getting Started
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Starting OSpeedy Video Converter
Exiting OSpeedy Video Converter
Main Window
3. Add Files
How to Add Folders
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7. Technical Support
 Main Window

The Main window will appear as below when you start OSpeedy Video Converter.



The tab areas include:

l  File

l  Edit

l  Tools

l  Actions

l  Help



The OSpeedy Video Converter indicator is displayed on the head of the window.

The shortcut buttons from the Main Window include:

l  Clip & Merge

l  Add

l  Download

l  Delete

l  Effect


Minimize and Exit

Standard buttons to minimize and exit the Main window are shown as below.


From left to right, they are Minimize and Exit.

Minimize: Hide the window so that it is not in view on the desktop but is placed on the taskbar.

Exit: Close the program.