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Posted: 2015-03-30 05:42:57 Updated: 2015-03-30 05:42:57

Video files are a source of data. Special portable devices are used for saving video data and information. In this modern age, computer is widely used for storing audio and video data. It has become your life much easier. You can watch your favorite movies again and again. You can easily store your large number of data on computer hard drive. Memory cards, USB, cell phone is also used for storing video files. You can enjoy the video files at any place or location, whenever you want. It has become your life much pleasure.
However, you may have made some mistakes: Did you just send a videos to your recycle bin by accident? Have you lost any videos on your computer? Or you have deleted it by mistake? Want to recover that video?If data is suddenly lost, you become upset. Then here is the guide to recover deleted videos. Follow the below steps to recover accidentally deleted videos with different methods.

Method 1  Restore from Recycle Bin
1. Open your Recycle Bin from your desktop.
2. Find the videos you accidentally deleted.
3. Right click on the videos and click Restore.

Method 2  Restore from Cloud Storage
Check your cloud storage. If you are using an Apple or Google phone, there is a good chance that your video may be backed up in your personal cloud storage. If you are using a Google device, check your Google+ Videos, as many newer devices will automatically backup videos to your Google+ account. If you are using an iPhone or iPod, check your iTunes Videos library. Your video may synced and available to transfer back to your device.

If the above methods does not work for you, you should locate a professional recovery tool that allow you to restore video data successfully. It is very critical point, and risk bearing position to choose a utility tool that allows you to protect your precious data. Here I recommend a Video Recovery Tool Ospeedy Data Recovery, it is dedicated to be the best solution to your data recovery needs. Meet the requirements of both business and home users who need a data recovery program with high success rate.

Ospeedy Data Recovery helps you in an easy way to install on your computer hard drive. It also helps you to restore not only video files from trash, but also suits formatted disks &cards, and data loss due to virus attack &other reasons where you unknowkingly delete the video files. It can offer free customer service with professional technical team. You can get help from our technicians whenever you want. Without any hesitation, you can friendly use it.
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