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Posted: 2015-03-30 05:18:52 Updated: 2015-03-30 05:18:52

Still confused by how to download and update the latest driver for your Asus computer, printer and any other device? With Asus Drivers Download Utility , there is no need to worry that anymore. This software is designed to helping users download and update drivers automatically.  

Your ASUS computer contains all the drivers it needs for normal operation for every device that came with it through its driver CD. When a device doesn't work properly and you try to perform a special action, you probably need to update these drivers, since Asus fixes new driver bugs all the time. A blue screen followed by that dreaded sudden shutdown tells you that you need to update drivers because of a fatal hardware issue.

Part 1
Open the device manager to diagnose the problem. You've obviously figured out that there's a driver error from the error messages every time you keep trying to complete a specific task, but the Device Manager can give you a better idea of what you're really looking at. Right click on the "My Computer" Icon on your desktop and select "Properties." On the Hardware tab, select "Device Manager."
Part 2
Right-click the device you would like to update and click "Update Drivers" or "Update Driver Software". Click the option that allows Windows to search for updates on the Internet, and then click "Next". If Windows finds an update, it installs it automatically. Otherwise, see the section above on how to do this through the ASUS website. Look for the yellow triangle. The Device Manager window will give you a list of all of the devices connected to your computer. Problematic devices will have a yellow triangle next to their name in the left column. If you can not update the problematic devices, you need to use Asus Drivers Download Utility Software.
Part 3 Download Asus Drivers Utility Software--OSpeedy Driver Updater
OSpeedy Driver Updater is can automatically update its cleaning process by using the comprehensive driver database to ensure the best possible removal of Windows device drivers, including unused, conflicting and unwanted drivers, and keep them up-to-date. The Device control feature introduces an easy to use and is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems. What is more, this driver updater can back up and restore original computer drivers automatically.  

Easy-to-Use Interface of OSpeedy Driver Updater just in 5-Steps.
Step 1 Click "Free Download".
Step 2 When the File Download dialog box appears, click "Save File." The file will be saved to your default downloads location.
Step 3 Double-click the downloaded file to open the installer.
Step 4 Select your language and click the "OK" button.
Step 5 Follow the instructions to complete the installation of Driver Updater.

The interface is available in 37 different languages such as English, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. Combined with additional features such as device driver backups, reporting, system protection, device identifier, custom filters and a desktop icon and resolution manager. This Asus Drivers Download Utility offers a complete solution to all your devices, driver analysis and management needs.    

Additionally, OSpeedy Driver Updater will save you a lot of time by trying to identify the type, name and manufacturer of devices listed as unknown device or with a yellow exclamation/question mark.
Driver Updater
Driver Updater was created to save your time resolving driver problems by providing you with a single, automatic tool.
Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1
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