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Posted: 2015-03-28 07:22:14 Updated: 2015-03-28 08:25:55

Linux is, in the simplest terms, an operating system. It is the software on a computer that enables applications and the computer operator to access the devices on the computer to perform desired functions. The operating system (OS) relays instructions from an application to, for instance, the computer's processor. The processor performs the instructed task, then sends the results back to the application via the operating system.
During the process of running it, you will meet with different issues that is very annoyed. The most common is that the data lost and deleted. Today, I would like to give you a method to do it.
1. Download OSpeedy Data Recovery and install it.
2. Activate and start OSpeedy Data Recovery.
3. Select the document from which the file you wish to recover was deleted or formatted.
4. Click "Scan". OSpeedy Data Recovery could search the files that exist in hard drive sectors that are flagged to be overwritten.
5. Choose the file you want to recover in the listing of files that OSpeedy Data Recovery finds.
6. Click "Recover" and to see if the file is available once again in its original location.
I hope it helps you a lot. If it is not. Maybe you rewrite the data. So do not use your disk to save new files after you find your data lost!
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At the end of the article, learn more about Linux:
As an open operating system, Linux is developed collaboratively, meaning no one company is solely responsible for its development or ongoing support. Companies participating in the Linux economy share research and development costs with their partners and competitors. Thanks for reading. Hope it helps.

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