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Posted: 2015-03-28 07:23:27 Updated: 2015-03-30 02:23:52

If you receive an Outlook not responding error or Outlook hangs, freezes or stops working when opening the file or sending email. Do you know how to fix them? It is the question that many business man and researchers meet with. This article will give you specific methods to fix Outlook Issues.

The First Method:

Do one of the following:
If you are running Windows 7, click Start.
If you are running Windows 8, click Run from the Apps menu.
Type Outlook /safe, in the Search programs and files (Windows 7) or Run window (Windows 8) and then click OK.
Close and re-open Outlook.
If the issue is resolved, open the File menu, click Options, then click Add-ins.
Select COM Add-ins and click Go.
Clear all the check boxes in the list to disable the Add-ins and click OK.
Restart Outlook.
If the issue does not occur, go back to the COMM Add-ins screen and enable them one at a time until the error occurs. (Be sure to close and restart Outlook after each Add-in is enabled.)

The Second Method:

When all else fails (just shy of an uninstall/reinstall), delete the Outlook profile. Now you need to use caution with this. If Outlook is working with a POP account, the current Inbox (and calendars, etc.) will need to be exported as a data file (which can then be reimported after the POP account is re-created). If Outlook is connecting to either an Exchange server or IMAP account, this process is just a matter of deleting the profile and re-adding it. To do this, open the Control Panel, go to Mail | Profiles, and delete the profile.

The Third Method:

Many antivirus tools have an Outlook connector that scans emails as they come and go from a system. In some cases, this can slow Outlook to a crawl. If you're unsure where an Outlook issue is stemming from, temporarily disable the antivirus Outlook connection to see whether that solves the issue. If it does, you might need to update the antivirus software to fix the problem. Just remember, if you leave that connection broken, Outlook will be vulnerable.
If these three methods all can not fix your Outlook Issues Thoroughly, you can fix it by professional software.
1. Download and install OSpeedy System Optimizer.
2. Run OSpeedy System Optimizer and scan errors.
3. Click fix it and the error can be fixed automatically.
4. Finish the process.
Introduction of OSpeedy System Optimizer
OSpeedy System Optimizer will help identify and fix Windows' invalid registry entries. By running Scan & Cleaner as part of scheduled maintenance, it will keep your PC from freezing or frequent crashes . Using it will reduce the probability of you getting a "blue screen", program not responding or lock up.
That is all about how to fix outlook issues with software. Thanks for reading. Hope it helps.
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