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Posted: 2016-07-04 02:19:51 Updated: 2016-07-04 02:19:51

Many computers may encounter the error Blue Screen of Death, which is the most frustrating thing. You may say that you couldn't agree any more.

A Blue Screen of Death will appear when an issue is so serious that Windows must stop completely.
So how to solve the issue?

Before fixing the blue screen of death error, you must identify what the error is, as there are various types of blue screen of death.

If you are experiencing a complete blue or light blue screen without text or error message, your computer may have a bad video card or monitor, resulting in only seeing a blue screen. You can try to check if your video card is bad or the monitor is bad.

1 From the desktop or in the Windows Startup menu, right click on My Computer.
2 Click the Properties option.
3 In the System Properties window, click Andvanced system settings. Tick in front of the Restart and recovery section.
4 In the Startup and Recovery window, uncheck the Automatically restart check box.

Windows NT, 2000,XP, Vista, and later versions of Windows have a blue screen of error that is similar.
Being powerful, safe and easy-to-use, OSpeedy System Optimizer is your first choice. OSpeedy System Optimizer is designed to help people troubleshoot common Windows system errors. It is really a useful helper.

How to use OSpeedy System Optimizer?

1 Download OSpeedy System Optimizer, install it and launch it from desktop shortcut.
2 Select the error and fix it.
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