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Posted: 2016-08-26 03:24:02 Updated: 2016-08-26 03:24:02

  The Ospeedy IOSData Recovery is an established leader in the data recovery industry which isdesigned to recover any mechanically sound device or drive. If your recoveryrequires more than what the software can offer, it will tell you, and OspeedyIOS Data Recovery canfinish the job for you, greatly decrease the cost of the software. No othercompany we reviewed provides that level of service.

  In our own hard disk drive testing, Ospeedy recovered all of our lost files. It did less well on the solid-state drivetesting, but well enough for us to rank it as the best data recovery softwarevalue. It is also the winner for best data recovery software.

File Recovery Rate

  This diskrecovery software is incredibly powerful regardless of its simple appearance.Our testing covered two kinds of data loss – lost files and a reformatted drive– to assess the software's recovery capabilities.

Lost File Recovery
  We were able to find all of the lost files from our HDD and SSD with Ospeedy,and the software recovered 98 percent of those same files from the microSD. Onall tested devices, it found our lost MS Office and video files. We also gotall of our MP3s from the microSD card and HDD.

Files Recovered from Reformatted Drive
  Ospeedy recovered 98 percent of the data left on our reformatted microSD card,which was well above the typical result we saw. It did miss a few picture and video files, but found all of our music and office documents. When scanning areformatted SSD, we found most of our pictures along with all of the Office andvideo files. It found about three-quarters of the music files on the SSD and HDD,but nothing else on the HDD.

Recovery Speed

  Part of Ospeedy'sutility is its network recovery capability. This means that you can scan othercomputers on your home network. While this is a convenient feature, it will notwork if your home network is not configured before suffering the data loss.

  Data recoveryis Linux-based, which allows it to run natively on your PC without need for theoperating system. The only downside to this is that the software may notrecognize your drives as they are seen in Windows Explorer. To avoid making anyotherwise disastrous mistakes, you should confirm the drive being scannedagainst the available information on the physical device, such as make, modeland manufacturer.

  Be aware thatthe company doesn't offer remote recovery assistance. Prosoft suggests that ifyou need assistance, it would be best to send your drive or device to itsprofessional data recovery lab.

Help & Support

  We offer the best support we've seen. The website offers great resources for you to learnmore about how Ospeedy can be best used in your data recovery situation. It'sloaded with information on types of data loss along with advice on how to avoidit in the future. In our discussions with their staff, we found them to be bothhelpful and informative.

  Among all the recoverysoftware we tested, we experienced some of our most comprehensive results with Ospeedy,which makes it a solid solution for logical data loss recovery. It's built-indisk imaging feature along with lab recovery options, information and excellentsupport adds value to an already exceptional product.

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