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Posted: 2015-03-28 08:13:22 Updated: 2015-03-28 08:15:06

OSpeedy SD Card Recovery is a tool that helps you recover data deleted from your SD card. It happens to everyone once in awhile. You deleted something off your cell phone and didn't realize you'd actually need or want it later. Fortunately, OSpeedy SD Card Recovery can help you recover it.

OSpeedy SD Card Recovery can recover photos in just 3 steps which will largely save users' time and avoid the risk of lost photos.

Three Steps to Recover Lost Files with OSpeedy SD Card Recovery

Step 1 Download OSpeedy SD Card Recovery on your computer and run it.
Step 2 Connect the device and select the destination folder. Click Scan.

Step 3 Select the files you want to recover. Click Recover. You can find the recovered files in the destination folder.

OSpeedy SD Card Recovery is also a useful tool in the event you have a failed software update or somehow managed to damage your device as well. In addition, OSpeedy SD Card Recovery offers a convenient means of previewing your lost files before you decide which part recover.

Other Features of OSpeedy SD Card Recovery

1. Recover files lost for almost all reasons, as long as the card is still recognizable. No matter they are lost due to mistaken deletion, format, or power surge, virus attack, etc.
2. Recover files on not only SD card, but all other storage media such as external hard disk, flash drive and hard disks.
3. Allow you to preview the found files before you do the recovery.
4. Slimmed-down interface, easy to understand and use.

5. Perform read-only data recovery, without altering or adding any data on the target partition.

Choose OSpeedy SD Card Recovery to recover the lost files is the best choice for you.
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